The Best Ways to Market on Craigslist

For many, marketing via various channels does prove to have challenges. Often, others might go through other online retailers, but there is one retailer that many should consult.  Craigslist is a great place for any e-commerce website to sell their content, along with various small businesses. Craigslist was found in 1996, and the site gets 10 million visitors each day along.  This site comes with an online classified format that varies per city and region, allowing more buyers and sellers to find the communities they look for, and for the most part, it’s free.  This is a great site to market your small business, and this article will give you further information on if a craigslist ad is fitting for your business.

To begin, look at the product that you have. Are you selling a service, such as tutoring or repairing cars? Then you should certainly consider using craigslist for this. Other services such as consignment wares, retail e-commerce, wholesale furniture, and anything that relates to real estate products, then you should use craigslist. If you’re making goods, giving direct services, or selling regionally and not all over, then you should consider using craigslist.  In this as well, you can also put an eBay store in there to further boost your business, a franchise that you have, or even various partners for different regions.  This is also great for any affiliates and webmasters that are looking to find new customers to affiliate market for.  Simply put, craigslist has the options, you just need to decide if it’s for you.

From there, if you think this is the best, you’ll need to find the market to consider. You need some strategy, but the simplicity and usefulness does triumph over that.  essentially, to begin you need to figure out where you’ll put the ad.  You should consider the regions that you service, and that some services will overlap. For example, if you do services from let’s say Nashville to Atlanta, you should consider those regions, and that they overlap.  You should create a schedule of listing and posting to help improve the exposure.  If you’re going to sell something nationwide, you’ll see how large of a span you can reach.

However, before you begin, you also need to know the rules.  Craigslist is very adamant about over-advertising and spamming.  Ultimately, this is where the phone verified accounts will come in. if you have multiple PVAs, you’ll be able to market way more, and they won’t go after you for over posting.

However, before you begin, you’ll want to build the ads as well for each city, showing specific products, and also make sure you rotate your promotion. You should try to build a promotional schedule.

You should make sure that no images and ads are the same within a 2-day period, and if so, you should delete the older add.  If you make sure that you do this, you’ll prevent yourself from getting banned. People that use craigslist can see right through that, and if you don’t follow the rules, you’ll get flagged. This is in control of the users, so make sure you know that.

You should also consider your ads, such as if you want to type some text, add some images and HTML, or whatever you find best.  If your product is very image-heavy, then make sure that you incorporate images for this.  You should also define which specifications will best sell the product you so desire.  You should make sure to keep the details there, since people will want to know that. make sure they’re specific.  Make sure that you do update your ads a lot, add keywords, don’t be super saturated with the content, and also ensure that you put some images there. It certainly helps.

When you’re posting on craigslist, or considering it, do think about the steps necessary to do this. Posting on craigslist can b e a great tool, and it’s a means for just about anyone to successfully market themselves. But do keep these in mind, make sure you follow the rules to a T, and do watch the content that you post in all of your ads as well.